5 Common Fitness Excuses

Long time no see Fit Fam! These last couple of weeks were a transition from summer to school starting for me. Excited to have my laptop back open and to blog about today’s topic: fitness excuses. There are so many tasks, people, and situations that can steer us off-track of our fitness goals. Below are some that I have experienced myself and some other common ones.

1.) “I just don’t have time right now.”

This excuse can go for any situation but boy do we fitness people love to use it! Whether it be school, work, social-lives, car-problems, projects, or traveling, we find something to get in the way. One of my favorite quotes is “you only have time for what you make the time for”. Hence, if you want to workout, you’ll find a way to workout. If you have goals you want to achieve, you’ll find a way to achieve them. Whether that be waking up earlier, post-poning a social-event, or adjusting your schedule sometimes. There is always time, the question is: do you want it bad enough to make time for it?

2.) “I’ve earned this.”

After sticking to a strict workout 3-5x a week and “dieting”, suddenly, we find ourselves rewarding ourselves more than necessary. Don’t get me wrong, we all deserve a little something-something every now and then BUT don’t lose sight of your goals either. Make sure to wake up that next morning with just as much ambition and determination as you had before you stuffed your face with your favorite meal or gave yourself that rest day.

3.) “I can’t afford it.”

Living a healthy life has recently gained this reputation of “being expensive”, I couldn’t tell you where this came from but it is again-an easy out. If you have goals you then you have to learn to adjust your day-to-day lives to incorporate them in smoothly. For instance, if your a college girl like me and your paychecks range from 200-400 every two weeks then you are living on a budget. But that does not mean you can’t afford to live healthy. *TIP: When I get my paycheck I like to make it a priority to get to the grocery store within that day or two and touch-up my pantry on the necessities. Staying on top of your groceries and keeping your fridge filled with fresh produce will definitely help you stay on track. It’s those days when the money gets low and the pantry gets empty that we find ourselves reaching for frozen pizzas, ramen, and the dollar menu to get us through the day. Prioritize!

4.) “I don’t have the time or energy to put that much effort into dieting.”

Before I even begin, (most of my blog readers know this pet-peeve of mine) but for those who don’t: do not use the word diet, please please please for the love of chocolate cake! Whenever I tell people about my fitness goals and the techniques that I use, such as, iifym and hiit cardio, I can see their eyes getting bigger and bigger as they look at me like I am crazy. Especially, when I got into detail about how iifym works. (That one I get a kick out-of). What is sad is that nutrition and health is our #1 necessity in life-it really is. And the average person thinks it is “alien-like” of people to actually study nutrition on their own time, or to learn about the foods they are taking in and what our body really needs. If we put as much effort into health and fitness as we did sitting on our laptops, at the bar, or watching movies, we’d all be on the cover of Fitness Magazine. I know nutrition and fitness isn’t supposed to be easy, especially, because we have grown to be completely oblivious and careless about the foods we consume. BUT with a handful of years of practicing new habits and ending old ones, soon you wont have to count every single macro or feel like your forcing yourself into them gym. Soon it will be natural to eat the right portions without counting and you’ll naturally crave outdoor-avtivity. It is the difference between those who want to take self-initiative and and the those who think anyone who does that just has a health obsessive-compulsive disorder.

5.) “Im going to start doing…”

Quit starting and stop finishing. Health and fitness should never end! I hear friends all the time bringing up these new fad-diets and routines that they are going to “start” doing. And most of them don’t last more than a couple of weeks. People need to realize that these fad-diets and spending huge money on trainers for a couple of weeks is not going to get them to where they want to be. The largest goal to conquer is within yourself. Sticking to a juice-cleanse for 2 weeks or doing an online ab challenge for a month isn’t going to get you to where you want to be. Conquering your everyday habits and naturally creating healthy habits is how all of this stuff begins to fall into place. And why do these fad-diets have to end after 2 weeks or 30 days? Because it wasn’t natural and it wasn’t healthy. START not drinking soda M-F, START going to the gym 2x a week, START buying more produce at the store. None of those have an END to them. Unhealthy fad-diets, silly 30-day challenges, and anything else that isn’t sustainable or natural is a waste of your time.

Ditch today’s excuse and do something today you’d be proud of tomorrow!



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