Fitness Tips: What to Do During that Moment of Temptation

Happy Thursday FITFAM! Getting ready to head outdoors and do a little cardio-circuit today. Before I do, I wanted to go over a few simple tips as to how to handle that moment of temptation (because we know this world is filled with them)! These tactics may seem silly or over-analytical but they really aren’t. Being involved in the fitness world is not just about training your body, or your diet, it is about training your brain and your habits as well. Once you conquer your mind-it will all fall into place. So before you brush these tips off-seriously give them a try!

1.) Gain Control of Your Good and Bad Conscience

This may sound a little eerie, but what I mean is if you find your brain blocking out your ‘good conscience’ and you are going head-first into a bad decision-STOP! If you take a moment right now and reflect on the times you gave into a bad meal or skipping your workout-do you recall deep down a voice trying to battle you or challenge you-a voice that knew the right path but you intentionally blocked it out and made that bad decision with little thought. (Guilty). And thats ok! We are all human BUT practice, practice, practice, and train your brain to stop blocking out the ‘good conscience’. Work on acknowledging when you are blocking out the voices in your head. Even if you do give in, at least, work on being conscience of your decisions. Then, after you have began to understand when your like that and how you feel during those moments, try and start acknowledging BOTH sides of you arguments. It is so easy to block out the voice that doesn’t sound so tempting at the moment. Once you have got that down you will start to get a rhythm of how your mind and stomach work at a time of desperation. Being conscious of your decisions instead of going into denial and reaching for that bag of chips or soda is a HUGE step in itself to controlling your brain. In order to control it-you have to understand both arguments it continuously brings to the table.

2.) QUICKLY Change Your Environment

Find yourself pacing around the house battling whether to just throw in that frozen pizza versus actually dedicating time and preparing fish and veggies? If you aren’t good at listening to your conscience just yet then do yourself a favor and run. (Not literally). For example, I am interning at the front desk of a convention hotel right now and if there are over 600+ check-ins that day, odds are they are ordering in pizza and canceling our lunches. Do you know how hard it is to not shove 3 amazingly greasy pepperoni pizza slices into your mouth during your work shift?! (I am sure you do) Ughhhh it is the WORST. Sometimes I feel like I am going to have an anxiety-attack. It is almost like my good and bad conscience are battling it out in my brain, mouth, and stomach all at once. And when it does for your try this: I just freeze-and go into a state of ‘auto-pilot’. I shut my brain of and ignore every thought flying through my head. I reach into my purse and grab my KIND bar and walk into the other break room in order to remove myself from the situation (still zombie mode) and start shoving the meal bar in my mouth. And guess what…within minutes I feel like I am me again. Like I just survived an exorcism (not really) and shut both my bad and good conscience up and made the decision on my own. And my tummy is happy, my brain is happy, and my mouth is satisfied. Sometimes we just have to turn our bodies on auto-pilot and ignore every thought flying through all of our senses while ten pizza boxes are stacked in the employee break room. As crazy as it sounds-this tactic works when you’re at your weakest!

3.) Know What Motivates You

Again when your good and bad conscience are battling it out with each other, turn your body on auto pilot and take initiative to crave a healthy meal or a good gym session. Whether it be cranking pandora up on your laptop, chugging some pre-workout, or scrolling through your favorite fitness people’s Instagram-GET MOTIVATED. Know those key things that really inspire you to have a productive day and use them all the time.

4.) Look Around

When you are not feeling so inspired inside, look around at the real world. For example, another day at work when they ordered in pizza (yes, this happens often unfortunately) I was again battling it out in my head as to why I should and should not eat any pizza. The tactic I used was I sat back and looked around…I saw a girl who was just venting to me about how “thick” her body has grown since college and how determined she was to feel healthy again grab not one, not two, BUT three slices of pizza during her break. I also, saw an older women who was just telling me how healthy she has been eating and how much weight she has lost grab a slice as well. Not that that is ANY of my business but it I did selfishly use their lives as inspiration of my own. I didn’t want to be the talker or the dreamer…I wanted to be the do-er. Just looking at our society today and how many people walk around looking uncomfortable in their own bodies can inspire me in a moment of desperation. This tactic involves more reflection-but all it takes is a simple pause and a glimpse around at the world we live in today.

5.) Ask Yourself Out-Loud: “What do I want more?”

We all know the correct or ideal answer to this. It is common sense. BUT how often do we ignore that dream or goal and swing through McDonalds or sit in bed watching Netflix instead of going to the gym. Now I am going to ask you to do something extremely ‘dorky’ and that’s ok…literally, ask yourself out loud “London, would you rather eat this pizza now or have that fit body you’ve been craving for a long time now?” Saying it out loud might trigger your common-sense and help you snap back to reality quicker. Just like those other tactics people suggest like telling yourself your beautiful in a mirror or fake a smile when your mad and instantly your body will make you that much happier. It is all a mental game with yourself. So challenge yourself out loud. This entire fitness world is a battle against yourself always, it is you versus you.


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