What I have learned during my first year of motherhood.

“There is nothing more exhausting a rewarding than becoming a parent.” A phrase that I took lightly during my pregnancy. Now, I have been a mother for 13 months and all I can say is oh my gosh how accurate that statement is!

1.) I am mentally stronger than I ever knew I was. I never realized just how long a human-being can go without sleep.

2.) Life used to be easy. I never knew how good I had it. Showering, napping, errands, and even trips to the gym…these daily tasks were SO much easier pre-baby life.

3.) Crying feels so good. The amount of strength a mother has to have for her child can truly stretch her limits. Crying in the shower, in the car, during nap-time…it felt so good. I think we get caught-up in trying to be the perfect mom that we forget that we can cry and feel weak. Sometimes a good crying session (and a nap) is all we really need!

4.) You matter. The biggest battle I faced at the beginning of my pregnancy was keeping my self-identity. You become so fully-dedicated to this newborn that you are completely checked-out of the idea that you are your own person as well. Give yourself that time to relax an extra moment in the shower, spend extra time on your make-up and hair, and buy yourself something cute to wear!

5.) There are a lot of things in life that we make a big deal, that aren’t. It wasn’t until I had a baby that I realized things like a lost pair of shoes, getting a cold, or doing the dishes are the least of my problems. My husband and I giggle together when we hear a random complaint out in public. We always think, “man I wish that was my problem of the week.”

6.) I love and would do anything for my family. Most of you would agree, but there is something about becoming a parent that gives the term “husband” and “children” a whole different meaning. This last year the fear of my husband or child dying in a freak-accident has been immensely on my mind. I think its just me evolving into a mother. The typical worrying mother. But seriously, they are my life and in the last few years they have filled the roles in my life that will be there forever, a husband and a son, and the idea of anything happening to them has become my biggest fear.



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