Why College Makes You Fat

We have all been there. Everyone has some glory-story to tell about how they were so skinny or so fit in high school, that they played so many sports and we’re in such great shape. And then we all went to college…


1.) We Have a Lack of Sleep

When we were younger we had mom and dad forcing us to go to bed by 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and so on. Every single night, at least, Monday-Friday. How healthy this was for our bodies and we didn’t even know it. Sleep is a huge underestimated contributor to weight gain.  Sleep is a restoration of the body and the mind, so when you have been lacking on sleep for several nights in a row your body produces cortisol. Cortisol encourages fat to store on your belly, argumentative behaviors and mistakes. Lack of sleep can also increase snacking during the day because your body is searching for any source of energy it can get to make it through the day. When we finally escape the control of our parents we get to stay up late and party all night. We think we’ve won but in actuality, we’ve lost.

2.) Our Quality of Sleep Sucks

This doesn’t just go for college students. Today’s world in general is FILLED with technology. We go to sleep with televisions, iPads, laptops, cable boxes, cellphones, and any other little devices all sitting in our bedroom-the one place we are supposed to rest. We have gotten confused with what rest and sleep actually mean. Having little beams of light and technology sitting in our room is not a resting place. Searching through emails on your phone or laptop right before bed is not a proper way to put yourself to sleep. Come up with a sleep regime and do it AT LEAST Monday-Friday. Make it a habit to pre-plan your clothes, pre-pack your lunches, pre-set your alarm, wash your face, brush your teeth, maybe stretch a little, shut the blinds, and close your eyes. The little things we do before bed effect the quality of our sleep. You can get 8 hours of rest but if it is filled with waking up through-out the night or tossing and turning, then it isn’t quality sleeping.

3.) We Don’t Know How to Cook

One thing I learned for sure when I left home-I don’t know how to cook a damn thing. And I don’t mean cook your mom’s famous mash potatoes, pancakes, or chocolate cake. When in college the most we cook is cereal, mac-n-cheese, and the infamous ramen. When it comes to quality cooking I am speaking of the flavorful salmon with asparagus and diced red potatoes on the side. I am talking about learning how to incorporate olive oil, cilantro, and other ingredients. None of us want to eat chicken and veggies because the most we know how to do is throw it on the stove, sprinkle some salt and pepper, and pour ourselves a drink. After so many days that meal gets old. Take initiative and learn how to use the Earth-created spices and ingredients around us. *TIP: Whether it be from a cookbook, Pinterest, or a website-make it a goal to chose one meal to cook at home a week. In no time you’ll be educated on so many more ingredients to expand your diet further.

4.) We Are Less Active, And We Love It

Any hour not spent at work or class-we are laying in bed flipping through Netflix. College kids have absolutely no desire to do activities with the time they have off. Reality check: You used to sit in class M-F (7-3pm) and then participate in clubs/sports after school until as late as 9/10pm at night. If you could do it when you were 15, you can do it when your 20. It is common for college students to find themselves up until 2-5am because they “just can’t fall asleep”. The reality is this: lack of sleep increases energy expenditure. On days you find yourself having trouble getting to sleep, reflect on what you have done with your day. You usually will find that you haven’t done much-therefor-your body still has so much energy to use before it wants to shut down and sleep. The days you have classes and work you tend to find yourself craving your bed and sleep much earlier.

5.) We Don’t Have Any Hobbies or Passions

It is very common for college kids to lose sight of their goals and dreams in college. I believe it is because such a large chapter of our lives is closed when we leave high school that we find ourselves at a dead end when it comes to college. For that reason, we have no passion and no desires to do anything. In fact, within those 4 years we work the hardest at procrastinating and going out with friends then we do anything else. When you don’t have hobbies, you don’t have much to do with your time. Hence, Netflix.

6.) We Love Alcohol

Ahhhhh the good old college drinking days. Plenty of memories-good and bad. Alcohol is not something I plan to ever completely remove from my diet so don’t get me wrong BUT alcohol has such negative side-effects as a whole that it really should be used sparingly. Alcohol LITERALLY impairs muscle growth and increases fat storage. (aka)-Everything you wouldn’t want to happen to your body siting in one glass. Try to stick to having drinks 1-2x a week, if not less. Save alcohol for special occasions-intact that will only help you to enjoy alcohol even more when you finally get your hands on it.

Sleep, diet, lack of activity, and alcohol. Every aspect of the fitness world gets flipped upside down when we enter “the best four years of our lives”. And for most of us, this will happen no matter what others tell you. And that’s ok. But don’t say we didn’t tell you so. Cough…freshman-fifteen…cough…cough.

Dreamer vs. Doubter

Happy Hump Day Fit Fam!

Today I would like to talk to the doubters. And for the most part-that’s all of us. There is nothing more certain while working on a healthy life-style and a fit body, that it is much more a mental challenge then a physical one. If you can conquer that voice in your head, you are have already won 99% of the battle. Finding it challenging to stay optimistic through out your fitness journey? Here are some examples of two imaginary women, Susie and Amanda, and how the difference in their perspectives and actions completely effected the overall consistency and success in their fitness goals:

1.) Stay off that scale. (And this was #1 for a reason)

I know how tempting that scale is. But do your self-esteem and confidence a favor and throw that sh*t away. Like I have said in previous posts the scale is the most pointless tool in measuring your new healthy lifestyle.

  • (Doubter): Susie weighs 160lbs and has always had the dream to weigh 125 again like she did in college. She has done endless diets and hours of cardio and every time she steps on the scale it fluctuates. She can not seem to lose more then 5lbs after weeks of killing herself. With no confidence left Susie soon finds herself giving up on the entire goal.
  • (Dreamer): Amanda weighs 160lbs and would love to be in the 120-130 range again. She has cleaned up her diet and been in the gym for 5 months now. She has no idea how much she weights but she feels great. After a year she decides to step on the scale and sees the number “150 lbs”…Amanda smiles and says to herself “I look damn good for 150lbs and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

2.) Stop Looking in the Mirror

I often find myself flexing in every mirror I pass when I am working out. It’s as if one workout was supposed to give me somewhat rock hard abs or a nice ass. (That concept in itself is ignorant). But we all do it. If you want to see more change-stop looking in the mirror 5x a day!

  • (Doubter): Susie has been going to the gym and coming home staring at her body every single day for the last month. She remembers starting this whole “fitness-thing” off with such confidence and determination. By week 3 her motivation is wearing thing. She barely can tell the difference in her body. She feels a little better but honestly doesn’t notice a difference in her figure.
  • (Dreamer): Amanda started her fitness journey with as much confidence as Susie. The only thing she did differently was she never analyzed her body in the mirror. She knew she was “a work in progress” and that it took time and persistency. After a little over a month she finally steps back and looks at herself in the mirror. Her eyes can’t even recognize some of the differences on her body. How much excitement and joy she felt. It was like a whole another dose of confidence and determination.

3.) Plan, Plan, Plan!

Working out and eating healthy is already tough enough, why not think of creative ways to make the actual tasks easier on yourself. “If you fail to prepare, you’re only prepared to fail.”

  • (Doubter): Susie has pre-thought out in her head that she would like to workout 4x a week and eat healthy with 1-2 cheat meals a week. Shortly after week 1, Susie already finds herself not going to the gym because she doesn’t know what to do at the gym but cardio. She also, has already spoiled her diet because she forgot to bring a lunch to work 3x and was “stuck” with eating pizza that was ordered for lunch.
  • (Dreamer): Amanda has plans to workout 3x a week and eat healthy with 1 cheat meal a week. She has designated every Sunday to sitting down and creating her workouts of the week, as well as, pre-planning the days she will workout. After that, she looks in her kitchen and creates a small grocery list to complete her pantry. She plans to cook at home 4 nights, leaving 1 night for left-overs, and 1 night for date-night. Now all of Amanda’s thinking and pre-planning time has been completed. She can now go through her week effortlessly with no excuses to not go through with her healthy habits.

4.) Be Practical

A few times when I first tried living a healthy lifestyle I found so many ways I was making it unnecessarily harder on myself then it needed to be. There are a lot of simple ways to make living a healthier lifestyle more practical if you stop and analyze your situation.

  • (Doubter): Susie doesn’t understand how she is supposed to keep up a healthy lifestyle when she can’t cook. She can make chicken and vegetables but she is getting sick of having it 5x a week. She also finds herself eating junk food at work because she feels as if eating healthy is expensive. She, also, is overwhelmed that 4 of her nights spent at the gym leaves her getting home by 9pm at night. She doesn’t understand why this would all be worth it. She feels like she’s in bootcamp not naturally living a healthier life.
  • (Dreamer) Amanda has figured out a lot of things she had to change about her lifestyle beyond eating healthy and working out. She realized she had to learn how to cook in order to enjoy healthy foods. She sat on Pinterest and bought tons of cook books. She decided to chose one meal per week to attempt to cook. Some she LOVED. And some she not-so-much. But regardless, she learned simple ways to make chicken, steak, and veggies that much tastier. She also learned in order to cut down time at the gym that she would have to find one convenient in location to not just her home, but her work as well. That way she could chose some days to go right after work, and some on the weekends while at home all without feeling much inconvenience.

A lot of the time we find ourselves stressing on how to live a healthier lifestyle. When really all we need to do is step-back and analyze our entire life, perception, and day-to-day events. Those small choices we make are all a huge domino effect on our entire day and lifestyle.


What in your life have you not thought about that you could adjust to make living healthier easier?

Reflect and be inspired!


Fad Diets Have Been Sucking Since the 1920s

A mini-fitness epiphany I had was while reading Cameron Diaz’s Body Book. Bottom half of page 37-read it.



In the 1920s the term “calories” was invented. The term was manipulated and twisted to make us think that our health was determined by this measurement. First of all, calories do NOT measure nutrition. They do NOT measure our weight. Calories basically can be replaced with the term “energy”. Women on average need 2,000 “energies” to get through the day. Men need 2500 “energies”. If a women consumed 2,000 “energies” and ended up only using 1700 that day, then the remainder 300 “energies” she consumed have no use but to be stored. That is it. Nothing more and nothing less. Since the 1920s we have been taught that calories was the number to concentrate on. Consume less-you lose weight, consume more-you gain weight. The issue is that there is more to health then just the term calories. I could consume 1500 calories in a day by consuming a Dunkin Donuts coffee in the morning, cheeze-its and a coke during the day, and white pasta for dinner. Or I could consume 2000 calories in a day by consuming eggs bacon and orange juice in the morning, fruit and a chicken salad for lunch, and whole-grain pasta and salad for dinner. Which one is going to give me energy through out the day to functional properly both mentally and physically? Which one is going to give me fuel for my afternoon workout and exam due later that night? Which one is my body going to get the most use out of  and thank be back for? Not only will consuming the second meal option fuel you all day, but you will naturally feel better and wake up feeling lean and happy. The dunlin donuts, snacks, and white pasta will leave you feeling groggy, mentally exhausted, and bloated. Hence, calories are not the only role in our health (whether it be for a fit body or internal health).


To break it down: our body needs two important categories to function (macro and micronutrients). Macros are your protein, carbs, and fats. Micros are your vitamins and minerals. The difference is that macronutrients are needed in larger consumptions and portions, micronutrients are still important but you don’t need the same quantity. A great way Cameron put it was that macros represent fuel and micros represent quality. (Example: grapes vs. grape soda). We need more proteins and carbs then we need fats and the reason is this: carbs and proteins supply only 4 calories per gram. BUT fats supply 9 calories per gram of fat. So therefor, we do not need as much fat intake BUT we still need it. Now that you have a better understanding lets look back into the history of how our macronutrients have been manipulated.


  • Fat (adds flavor): Back in the 1980s, fat was the enemy. We saw a lot of “fat-free snacks” whether they be fat-free crackers or even fat-free ice cream (which was clearly way to good to be true). All they were doing was replacing fat with sugar. Which still caused weight-gain. And in the end, fat is healthy and needed for the body (in smaller portions). And sugar…well sugar is useless.
  • Carbs (supplies energy): Then following that came the fad that I am better acquainted with in my generation was the “No Carb Diet”. Ironically, low-carb diets were basically high-fat diets.Carbs are a macro and the body needs it. Carbs are energy for the body and removing them from your diet simply sucks the life out of you.
  • Protein (keeps you steady through out the day, sustains muscle, and builds muscle): The most recent studies coming out are that too much protein can be bad for you. Does anyone see a trend here? Soon we will be seeing a “no water diet”.

People and companies are just trying to find ways to manipulate the healthy macros we need so we can still be ‘skinny’. But in the end, no scientist or nutritionist can manipulate this: our bodies NEED carbs, proteins, and fats. All 3 of them. And there is no diet that can be created to make that concept simpler or shorter.


Stop trying to find ways to beat the system, make it easier, and find a short-cut to becoming fit. Instead, be proactive and find out what it is that your body actually NEEDS to function. I couldn’t imagine that filling your body with nutrient-dense foods would cause you to be unhealthy. Who knows, that could be the next concept to the upcoming fad diet?


Don’t let them fool you into making them rich to sacrifice your health. The only thing that could determine your diet needs and how to become the healthiest you is your own body-so listen to it and do your research!



10 Fitness Don’ts

1.) Don’t Diet

The term dieting has such a negative connotation as it is. Having that mindset can easily lead to failure and giving up on your fitness goals. Instead, think of it as living a healthier lifestyle or breaking bad habits.

2.) Don’t Force Yourself

Building a healthy relationship with the concept of living a healthier lifestyle is so crucial. Do not ruin that by forcing yourself to eat strictly healthy, or forcing yourself into the gym on a bad day, or forcing yourself to do anything else fitness related. Listen to your body, your mind, your heart. Treat all of them well and only push yourself towards happiness not a stressful unsustainable lifestyle.

3.) Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Mistakes

If there was a such thing as becoming fit without any mistakes or set-backs then ***newsflash*** WE’D ALL BE DOING IT. And we’d all be fit. you aren’t prepared for these then they can defeat your goals much faster. Prepare yourself for plenty of mistakes and be ready to come back stronger than ever. If

4.) Don’t Sacrifice Your Entire Life for Fitness

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever put fitness before things sometimes BUT you should still find a healthy balance. *TIP: Purchase a calendar of some sort (I have a large one hanging in my bedroom next to my bathroom door so I see it every morning) First write down you work schedule, second write down any important events coming up (birthdays, date nights, vacations) and THEN fill in your workout days where they make the most sense.

5.) Don’t Confuse Your Own Personal Goals With Others’

Sometimes following people on social media or getting caught up in someone else’s fitness journey can cause your path and goals to become foggy. Set simple and to-the-point goals and don’t forget them. Don’t spice them up with other things that other people are doing. It will cause you to continue to adjust your goals until you’ve realized they aren’t even yours anymore.

6.) Don’t Stand on the Scale Every Morning

The moment I lost the scale was the day I stopped continuously giving up on my fitness journey. Try this instead-continue to bust @$$ in your diet, in the gym, and in your job. And the morning you wake up and feel so good and look so amazing that no number on a scale could even question your doings’-that is the day you can step on the scale.

7.) Don’t Look in the Mirror Either

I noticed when I stopped stepping on the scale I was relying on the mirror likeeeee 3x a day. Not for applying make-up or brushing my teeth but to stand in a sports bra and Nike Pros or even naked and just stand their and analyze every angle of my body. Some days I’d love it and some days I would be so disappointed in how I looked. Same advice as the scale, don’t analyze your body every day it will play tricks on your eyes. If you looked at your body every day for 2 months you would barely notice a difference from day-to-day. You would have a handful of amazing glimpses and even more depressing sights of your body (feeling as if you see no change). On the other hand, if you work hard, live your life, and happen to get a glimpse a few times within those 2 months, then you’ll probably actually notice some nice muscle coming in or faint abs. Positive reinforcement. It works.

8.) Don’t Judge Others For Not Sharing Your Goals

I used to find myself doing this often. The same way others judge you for trying to live a healthier life. Don’t try and make yourself feel better by judging people for eating a candy bar or not going to the gym. Stay humble and concentrate on yourself. It will make you look good both on the outside and in 🙂

8.) Don’t Do Anything You Don’t Want to Do

Some people don’t like to run, some don’t like to bike, or to lift weights even. Find what part of the fitness lifestyle you fit into and enjoy it. Some people enjoy yoga and running. Some enjoy heavy lifting and HIIT. Some just prefer outdoor activities like biking, hiking, or kayaking. Whatever it is go out and do it. Fill your active lifestyle with things you enjoy. Soon you will find that living a healthier life isn’t so hard after all.

9.) Don’t Do Fad Diets

Fad Diets are created by people trying to find easy shortcuts to become healthy. There is no such thing. And if it works-garuanteed it is unhealthy in the long-run. Things such as, juice-cleanses, no carb diets, and fat-burning pills aren’t natural and deprive the body of things it needs. Our body needs its’ proteins, carbs, and fats. The perfect explanation I found was in Cameron Diaz’s Body Book. Read “Fad Diets Have Been Sucking Since the 1920s” for further information. Stay true to your body. It needs its’ proteins, carbs, and fats. And all of the essential micronutrients as well-vitamins and minerals. None of the fad diets stay true to that.

10.) Don’t Forget What You Love

Overall, don’t forget about your happiness. If you love to lift-lift. If you love to run-run. Slowly break bad habits and slowly create new and better ones. Don’t sacrifice anything you love for a fit body. Whether it be, being a lawyer or chocolate cake. Find a healthy balance and you can have it all. Love this journey and it will love you right back!

Now go explore and find love in the fitness world!



Getting Back on Track

If there is one thing I’ve learned during my fitness journey it’s that you have to continue to create little goals to get to where you want to be, no matter the end goal-whether it be to be comfortable in your own skin, to compete in a fitness competition, or just to live a longer and happier life. If you find yourself falling back into your old bad habits and not sticking to your fitness journey the larger picture could just be that you have no clear goal anymore. Getting caught up in all the different fad diets, other people’s goals, and trends can tend to blind us with why we even started this journey in the first place. Here are some examples of simple goals to set for yourself if you feel like you’ve been falling off track:


1.) Buy yourself a calendar, hang it up in your room, and take it week by week.

Chose a day in the week where you routinely sit down in front of your calendar. I love to do it when my new work schedule comes out so I can plan around that. First, I fill in my work shifts that I know of. Second, I fill in any large events coming up (birthday’s, outings, travels). Last, I fill in which days would be the most convenient and healthiest to fit in my workouts. *TIP: when you fill in which days you’d like to workout, be realistic, if you know you are going to have a longer night the night before then don’t squeeze in a workout the next day unless you’ll be up for the challenge. Now you already have your workouts conveniently preplanned so you don’t feel pressured to find time for them.


2.) Analyze Your Nutrition Goals

How strict are you being? Are you counting calories? Macros? Bulking? ect. What nutrition goal do you want to set for yourself whether it be temporarily or permanent. A good way for me to review my nutrition goals is to sit down with pen and paper and come up with a grocery list. Get on Health’s  website and use their “Nutrition Search” where you can personally enter in a nutrition guideline and they’ll give you endless meal examples for any occasion. Use tools like these to inspire your groceries for the week.


3.) Create a Weekly Workout .docx

People love the excuse “I just don’t have time for that”. The reality is we have time for a lot of things-but only if we make the time for them. Get on Microsoft Word and start typing out those workouts. Pull up BodyBuilding.com’s Workouts and get creative. When you’ve created your week of workouts print it out, take a photo of it, bring it to the gym, whatever it is that works for you and use it to reference to when you are in the gym. Make sure to save the workout document you made to your computer. After you’ve completed a week of workouts open the document back up, adjust your workouts for the next week coming up, and have it saved or printed for the new week. Recording the weight you’re lifting helps to make you feel credible and make sure you are progressing not plateauing in the gym. Example Template: Click Here *not a real example of a week of workouts


4.) Now It’s Up to You

Now you already have your gym days conveniently preplanned according to your schedule, your kitchen pantry filled with yummy and nutritional foods, and your workouts completely preplanned for the week. Now the rest should feel effortless and natural. Continue to always take a moment to analyze your goals every week or two. Make sure you have the tools to perform your goals and plan plan plan.

Why You Shouldn’t Diet

          Why does the term “diet” have such a negative connotation? When someone announces their first day at attempting to diet, why does it instantly initiate eye rolls and doubters? There are a few reasons this word has built such a bad reputation. First of all, who hasn’t tried dieting? I don’t mean to speak for everyone necessarily, but I am sure the percentage of people that have tried is more than half. At least. Especially these days with health issues rising, it is so common to hear of someone attempting to diet. But how often do you hear of someone finishing a diet? For that reason, dieting has won over so many doubters. It is more often to hear people starting a diet then people successfully ending one. And when one does end a diet, what does that even mean? Are you going to go back to living an unhealthy lifestyle? Was all of this a temporary change? To be successful at this whole healthy lifestyle thing, the term “diet” needs to leave your vocabulary. Completely.

         Referring to this lifestyle choice as a diet will lead to failure. Diets are temporary and most lead to failure anyways. (Congrats to the many that have successfully dieted and reversed dieted). But for the majority that haven’t, look at this as a lifestyle change and a goal of breaking bad habits. If you look at this as a diet then you will find yourself in 3 weeks confused with your own goals. I remember when I used to look at it as a diet, in fact, it was a “90 day diet” goal I had set for myself. After the first month, I was already doubting myself and I didn’t understand where this was going. Was I never allowed to drink alcohol, really? Or what about my Starbucks coffees? How is this even possible these days? And what about working out; I have to work out 3-6x a week…for what the rest of my life? If I only do it for the 90 days, then what’s next? Then what will happen is I will binge eat all the food I took away from myself during my diet and take a break from the gym…But how long do I downhill again until I force myself to try and diet…again. And then by the time I realize this was all a bad idea, the weight has already started to pack on again. If you can relate, it’s a simple term we call it the “yo-yo dieters”.

         If you find yourself getting lost every time you try and “diet” then stop dieting. Re-evaluate your goals and where you plan to go after you’ve successfully reached them. What is happening unconsciously when you diet is that you are realizing a diet isn’t all that great. Deep down you are finding out that the goals you truly want to reach require you to break a lot of bad habits and create a lot of new ones. And that my friend is not a diet, that is a lifestyle change.

How Trying to Diet is Like Trying to Leave Your Ex

1.) The Denial

This is in the beginning when every possible sign is being thrown your way and you ignore every single one of them.

  • In a Toxic Relationship: it could be your friends and family being unsupportive but you swear to them your boyfriend or girlfriend is not the cause of your constant bad days and attitudes. (Riiiight).
  • In a Bad Diet: your clothes are getting tighter and your appearance in the mirror is changing, but it’s probably just because you’re still growing. Or maybe it’s because you’re bloating? Yeah, probably that, because that can be easily justified…because its the week before…or the week of…or the week after your period.

Red flags are popping up everywhere. And you’re ignoring every single one of them, rather than, being logical and taking action right away to prevent further heart ache (or further weight gain).


2.) The Depression/Low Self-Esteem

This is one aspect we refuse to believe during that time; but who would ever want to admit they have low self-esteem, especially, if we used to be confident and happy with ourselves.

  • In a Toxic Relationship: you would rather hang out with your boyfriend or girlfriend than your friends. And when you’re around your friends your depressing attitude only weighs everyone down. You also become overly jealous when you never used to be and you are starting to (unconsciously) love your boyfriend or girlfriend more than you love yourself.
  • In a Bad Diet: you may find yourself unconsciously trading out your skinnies and daisy dukes for large T’s and sweatpants in order to hide your figure. Also you have less of a desire to go to the beach, pool, or anything that requires a bikini. You began to (unconsciously) hide your body from others around you and your own eyes.

You don’t even realize the damage taking place on your self-perspective, but soon you will.


3.) “The first step is admitting you have a problem.”

And then you’ve reached a dead end where your only choice is to surrender.

  • In a Toxic Relationship: your friends no longer want to be around you, your boyfriend or girlfriend is significantly treating you worse, and you have over all mentally lost it. It is now clear to you that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend wont last. You are not good together and you only bring each other down.
  • In a Bad Diet: when you look in the mirror, there is no more denial and no more hiding it. Your poor lifestyle habits have gotten out of control. You are no longer a few sizes larger but 3-4x the pant size you used to be. You feel unattractive from the beach to the bedroom and you are now consciously hiding your body.

It is clear you have lost control of your lifestyle and you need a change. Not only for your physical appearance or reputation but for your happiness and self-esteem.


4.) Taking Action

One day you find yourself more motivated than ever. Today is the day you are going to take charge of your life and make a change.

  • In a Toxic Relationship: you end things with your boyfriend or girlfriend, toss out their stuff, and make that sh*t FBO (Facebook Official). You squeeze into a cute dress your ex would never have approved of (girls) and head out into the single scene with your girls/guys. You can’t even remember what it is like to conversant with a cute stranger. (Your flirting skills are probably a little rusty and slightly embarrassing.)
  • In a Bad Diet: you dig through your kitchen and toss out the junk (even your favorite treats), you squeeze yourself into your old gym clothes, and you make your first grand appearance at the gym. And the first few times usually feel like you are walking around the gym wearing the Scarlett letter. It feels as if everyone can tell it’s been a while for you. Who knows if you can even attempt a pull-up anymore. And free-weights? Yeah right i’ll stick to the cardio machines hidden out of the spotlight.


5.) The Relapse

Soon after a handful of days or weeks, you find yourself depressed, again. That temporary motivation you once had has worn off. You are talking your friends’ and families’ ears off about how miserable you are.

  • In a Toxic Relationship: you find yourself saying things like, “do you know how hard this is. To not text him/her. I have to text him/her.” You try and find any excuse to have to get in contact. Soon you wind up at their door to ‘catch-up’….at 2 in the morning…intoxicated.
  • In a Bad Diet: you find yourself saying things like “do you know how hard it is to not eat a slice of that pizza. I NEED a slice I am going to lose it I can’t do this for the rest of my life that’s crazy.” You will pull out any excuse in the book to be ‘forced’ to eat your favorite meal: you are late to work-fast-food, you can’t afford groceries-dollar menu, or your friends chose to eat there-not your fault.

How does this part end? Right back where you started. Back with your ex or back to gaining weight.


6.) The Crossroads

You definitely won’t mess up once and you’ll be lucky to only mess up twice. In a relationship, you are unhappy with or without your partner. Same with changing your lifestyle. You are either unhappy with your body or unhappy doing an unrealistic diet. So what is the point? It is common to relapse until you’ve realized this: either way you’re unhappy, what matters is which path will make you happier in the long run.

  • In a Toxic Relationship: if you stay with your partner you are unhappy. Clearly nothing is going to change it is only getting worse, you have lost your self-respect and dignity at this point. But if you leave, yes you will be depressed for a period of time, and want to relapse BUT if you stick to the plan and keep going eventually you will find yourself again.
  • In a Bad Diet: if you continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle you will continue to hate your appearance and lose your self-esteem BUT if you stick to your healthy regime and don’t relapse-yes it will suck and yes eating healthy can be depressing-but if you give it enough time you will find your confidence again and fall in love with yourself.

So what’s the answer? The answer is to leave that asshole and stick to your healthy lifestyle. It may suck now but the reward at in the end is worth it.


* Conclusion

When trying to live a healthier lifestyle, keep in the back of your mind this analogy. Whenever you find yourself depressed, wanting to relapse, or feeling like this whole thing is pointless just remember what it was like to leave an ex. Shitty but damn worth it.